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04 Fox - Fear and Beauty
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31st-Jul-2005 11:37 pm - Don't Fear!
I hope at least some of you have appeared here after my post to the conference. Notice the awesomeness of LiveJournal! Notice the threaded comments that will make it easy for us to chat back and forth with one another without getting confused! Notice the cute user icons that everyone can have! Notice the existence of desktop clients that make it easy to post every five minutes! Notice all these things! [Edit: Notice how I have changed the colors so that they are exactly the same as the ones on FC!]

I really hope people sign up here. I, for one, can promise that I won't be offended if people get accounts and only use them to post here. Really! It's okay!

So - joiny join join!
15th-Jan-2004 03:26 pm - Alrighty
So from now on, all entries in this community will be friends-only. I've set it so that Livejournal will make them friends-only automatically. If you want to make it public, just set the level yourself.

If you want to join the community, you clearly can, but I've also made it so that members have to be approved. Don't worry, I will let you in. Never fear.
14th-Jan-2004 10:56 pm - Question for you all
Would you all prefer if posts in this conference were made friends-only, so that only members of the community could read them? I could also make it so that you had to get approval from a moderator to join.

If this is eventually going to replace the conference, it would be good if everyone felt safe posting whatever they thought here.
14th-Jan-2004 08:45 pm - heyheyhey
hello all!
your mission, should you choose to accept it: FIND JIMBO
this mission also carries an option of retaliation against the sophomores (i'm assuming they have it...)
5th-Jan-2004 11:57 pm - Beavers one, beavers all!
Thanks to everyone who has joined!

...And I know that you ALL will!
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